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Gulf Salt Co. Premises and Production Facility

The year 1995 was a pivotal turning point for salt industry in the Middle East, with the establishment of Gulf Salt co, floated by the best entrepreneurial talent of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ingenious plan has incorporated the most state-of-the-art technology and expertise, available in the field of salt refining. The blend of top of the line machinery from Germany and U.S.A. has lent an ideal mix to the project. This possession of hi-tech infrastructure is a cutting edge tool to produce supreme quality salt in accordance with precise technical specifications to meet domestic or industrial demands. The strategic location of the refinery in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia enables servicing of clients in the Region, with their requirement of high purity salt products within the shortest delivery time frame.

Gulf Salt

The raw material is procured from the company mine located 50 kms away from the plant. The mine covers an area of 3 million sq.m. Its parallel location to the sea makes it an inexhaustible resource. To ensure quantity and quality of salt with minimum impurity levels, the mine is equipped with the latest mining machinery and equipment which facilitates the extraction, washing, piling and preparation of the salt for transportation to the refinery.

The state-of-the-art crystallizer "forced circuit evaporator (draft tube type) with single stage compressor", at the refinery facilitates the production of refined salt crystals and salt briquettes. The plant output meets various requirements viz. - domestic table salt, food processing industry, salt briquettes for water treatment, drilling mud for the oil industry, chlor-alkali industry and the other industrial applications. Utilizing the latest and up-to date computerized instrumentation technology, majority of the plant operations are accomplished and performed automatically. An adherence to strict quality control and systems is a principle that Gulf Salt Company abides by, keeping in line today's requirement of total quality management. The excellent infrastructure combined with the strategic location enables Gulf Salt to meet the demands of its clients in the region.

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