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About US

Gulf Salt Co. is 100% Saudi private ownership company, founded by a group of prominent Saudi businessmen to meet the ever-growing demand of salt. It was established in 1994 as a Sodium Chloride (Salt) producing company located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf salt company was established on 1415 H corresponding 1994 in fundamental way, from a basic premise, benefiting from the benefit what Saudi Arabia possess of wealth.

Gulf Salt Company is one of the leading companies in the Arab world in the manufacture of all types of salt varieties in its grades and uses the latest technologies and industrial systems in this sector to take the lead in this industry.

The company established its Salt Plant, and the production started in September 2002. The production lines are considered as stat state of the art technology in the field of salt-producing and refining in USA and Germany. The Salt Plant produces various types of refined salt, with high purity i.e. iodized & non-iodized table salt, Industrial salt, salt briquettes (for water treatment).

Gulf Salt Co. is a Saudi Arabia-based firm and running efficiently under the leading light of veteran experts and professionals. The company is serving its worthy client with its superior quality products that meet or even exceed national and international standards.


  • We look forward to providing local products and national hands of world quality that compete with foreign products in the Saudi and Arab markets.
  • Providing customer with various high quality salt products, standard specifications, and economical prices.


  • Utilizing the natural resources available in Saudi Arabia.
  • Replace the imported products with local products.
  • Providing high quality products at competitive prices.
  • Provide Arab and International markets with our products

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